About Lindsea...

Hi friends, my name is Lindsea. Welcome to my humble corner of the world, a 1910 farmhouse in the wild Pacific Northwest. My story starts out with a love for decorating, old stuff, and long country drives.

From a young age, I found myself drawn to decorating. I would muster up all my 10 year old superhuman strength to move furniture out of the garage and into the living room by myself (which I still do to this day & I have a feeling many of you do too!). Whatever it took to create the design envisioned in my young mind, I would do it. I used the living room as my science experiment, adding this and that until I could stand back and smile in satisfaction at the concoction I had brought to life.

Fast forward 10 years & I still had a passion to create, I was beginning a new life married to the man of my dreams & decorating a house into our home. Our love of long country drives opened our eyes to a whole new way of life. Not only did we fall in love with the noble old houses & barns that had beautifully weathered through the ages, we also found ourselves inspired by the history-rich pieces we found that seemed to tell the story of the simple & resilient daily life of an era gone by.

It amazed us to see these one of a kind items that stood the test of time and were made to last. Items that were made with such quality and integrity, and at a time when people didn't have much, but they made the MOST of what they did have.

Now, in a culture where we seem to have access to everything we could ever need or want, yet most things in our world are considered "throwaway", these gems inspired and spoke to us in a soulful way that not much else could.

I fell in love with the history of every piece, the memories made finding each unique item, and the fulfillment found by surrounding ourselves with these treasure time capsules in our home. I began photographing & styling my finds, which eventually led to invitations to sell and share my passion with others. 

I truly love what I do & feel thankful every day for the inspiration and creativity that surrounds me. As with most creative types, I seem to have a never-ending desire to learn, which resulted in my ever-growing knowledge of photography, styling, website design, I've even designed a few tattoos, and the creative journey continues!

Thank you for getting to know me, I hope you'll return often, find inspiration and say hello!