Seltzer Bottles

Seltzer Bottles

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Assorted vintage seltzer bottles in a range of gorgeous jewel tones. Each bottle is unique with it’s own wonderful original patina, thick heavy glass construction with beautiful glass bubbles and worn metal tops. Perfect kitchen/dining/pantry display item or set in a window to enjoy the gorgeous glass hues!

Bottles measure:

Green Bottle: 12”h x 3.5” diameter//Loose cap & beautifully faded acid-etched advertising reading “Schrager’s Beverages, New York”

Clear Bottle: 13” h x 4” diameter//Decorative Acid-etched “S.S.W.” advertising & lovely pedestal base.

Blue Bottle: 14” h x 4.25” diameter

Lg. Blue Bottle: 15” h x 5.5” diameter

\\Both blue bottles are European & come in a rare deep blue jewel color

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Seltzer Bottle:
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