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Hello, my name is Lindsea, welcome to House of Harvest. Our roots are founded in history and although most of what you’ll find here is about 100 years old or more, we’ve been around for slightly less than that. Established in 2010, House of Harvest was born out of a love for home and all it stands for. It was then that I discovered antiques and the way they bring life to a space in a way not much else can. I feel that antiques have the amazing ability to deliver both a humbleness and a presence. They exemplify the simple and authentic life that we love to live here at our 1910 farmhouse in the way we style our home, run our business, grow our garden and food, and live each day. Around here, we can’t resist patina, we admire integrity, we revel in the thrill of the hunt, we swoon over the story, and bringing it all together brings us great joy! If you love that too, great—we love to share!

We began our online shop & creative services for that very reason, to share. We’ve had the pleasure of bringing you one of a kind antique items for your home and creative businesses, and showing what we’re all about on social media and in publications that we hope will inspire, serving both as stylist and photographer. We’ve even given vintage sellers an online presence with branding and website services, allowing them to bring their collections and businesses to vintage shoppers online. We love that we can contribute to this community, allowing antiques and history to continue surviving, thriving and intertwining with our daily lives.

If you need creative direction, we’re here for you! From styling your home or business, providing props, photography, building your brand, or creatively thinking outside of the box, we look forward to collaborating to tell your story.

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To connect with us, please email lindsea@houseofharvest.com or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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